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1333-3 Ballistic Helmet

  • 1333-3
  • claymore
  • 100000 PCS/Year
  • China
Size : S,M,L,Xl, Product Description DOYENTRONTEX® Bulletproof Helmet Helmets made with DOYENTRONTEX® Offer high levels of ballistic protection against threats including fast-moving fragments, FSPs, RCCs, many handgun projectiles and various bullets. The helmet shell contains multiple layers of protective material, designed to give as much freedom of movement as possible while offering maximum coverage. This results in a lightweight helmet which provides maximum levels of comfort, mobility and protection. Helmets made with DOYENTRONTEX® Offer NIJ Level IIIA protection against bullets and shrapnel. Excellent Performance Light weight Good impact resistance No ricochet that will not result in the second injury Easy-to-process and assembly Resistance to sea water, acid & alkali, moisture, heat, UV, aging and collisions etc. DOYENTRONTEX® Ballistic visor is laminated with PMMA and polycarbonate, designed to offer entire facial protection from the helmet rim to below the chin area, against multiple hits of ballistic threats, as well as fragmentation and blunt impact. The product supplied to most of the major ballistic helmet manufacturers for military, para-military law enforcement, bomb disposal, and EOD applications worldwide.
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